The pure Italian kitchen

The pure Italian Kitchen

Roberto's philosophy is simple yet complicated: truly Italian in every sense of the word. To start with, it means feeling responsible for preserving the culinary heritage and traditional dishes of the Italian cucina.

The à la carte menu consist pure Italian dishes that are made with traditional ingredients and based on the seasons. We serve 2 courses at €30,- or 3 courses at €38,-.

Tutti a Tavola

Get a chance to experience the authentic Italian gastronomy at Roberto’s.
Start your lunch enjoying a refreshing aperitif in the elegant Italian atmosphere.

Whether you come for a small bite or wish to savour an extensive lunch, Tutti a Tavola offers a selection of traditional Italian dishes.

1 course €20
2 courses €28
3 courses €35
4 courses €42

Children under 6 eat for free. Children age from 7 to 12 eat for half of the price.

The lunch is served every Sunday from 1pm until 4pm.


After an aperitif it is time for antipasti. For example, mozzarella Campana e finissima di pomodori, whose mozzarella is flown in from Italy twice a week. The most famous antipasti is carpaccio. We maintain a very rigid position at Roberto's; carpaccio may only be called carpaccio if it is made from thinly sliced beef loin and nothing else served with freshly baked bread. We start with baking bread at 4pm. The bread will have the perfect structure around dinner time; exactly at the right temperature and crisply fresh.


Taste perfect flavours originally made from the recipes of the 'Pure Italian Cuisine' book. Our soup is homemade from pure Italian ingredients which enables you to enjoy a true authentic Italian taste.

Risotto & Pasta

The antipasti dishes are followed by the primi; this is very often pasta or risotto. Everyone thinks that pasta is easy to cook, but it does actually require absolute precision. An Italian begins to eat as soon as he is served with a plate of pasta. You eat the pasta when it's ready: no sooner and no later.

Main courses

Secondi in Italy are the main courses and consist of meat or fish. In different parts of Italy, the dishes are very different too. The ingredients used in a recipe depend on a region's climate and culture. Dishes from the north are usually fried in butter rather than the olive oil that is more customary in the south. With the country surrounded by ocean, it is no surprise that fish is something Italians love to eat. The menu offers a varied selection of fish and meat dishes.

I Vegetariani
Vegetarian Courses

Our à la carte menu also has vegetarian options. Most of the vegetables used in the dishes are from Italy because these are of better quality than the Dutch vegetables. Accompany your 3 or 4 course dinner with a vegetarian main dish prepared in traditional way from the finest Italian ingredients.


The final part of the meal is dolci. The most famous Italian dessert is tiramisù. Roberto Payer himself spent many hours in the kitchen preparing what he believes to be the perfect tiramisù. That recipe is now used on the menu. And of course Italian cheese and homemade ice creams are also available.


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