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The wine selection in Roberto's has 35 different kinds of Italian DOCG wines, showcasing the best of Italy. We also offer a variety of wines served by the glass.

Our team can advices you on the best wines paring.

Assistant Restaurant Manager - Sam Coccoloni

To initiate the palate, an aperitivo is served giving you the opportunity to socialize around our cozy fireplace or terrace. Followed by the aperitivo, you will be guided through our exquisite wine list, composed by our Assistant Restaurant Manager Sam Coccoloni. Coming from a family of hoteliers, Sam chose to follow the same path. He extended his knowledge pursuing three degrees – Bachelor in Business Law, Master’s in Business Administration and he gained a Master’s degree in Luiss Business School in cooperation with Gambero Rosso.

With his working experience in countries like Italy, Zurich and Qatar, Sam is qualified to suggest wine pairings, giving you the ultimate flavor sensation.

Wine of the month

Cannonau di Sardegna Sardo 2013, Tenuta Soletta

From the first moment we see this Cannonau we know how much Umberto Soletta cares about the millennial history of this island: this is a pure Sardinian wine! Sardo is its name, it shows a Nuragic village on its label and it is one of the best representations of what a pure Cannonau is. The most used grape in Sardinia carves its history in centuries of traditions; discovered only recently to be autochthonous. The product in its most pure example, this is Umberto’s philosophy. Fruity, spicy, velvety and persistent; Cannonau what else?


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